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Richard studied art whilst completing a BA at Cambridge University.


On graduating he started work in the commercial sector, with an advertising agency.  He now works for M&C Saatchi.

Richard's life works are studies in movement and stillness.


A key feature of drawing from life is the static pose, held for a measured period of time. By contrast, Richard’s work seeks to convey a fresh sense of the moving, thinking, living human figure.

Arc framed.jpg

Richard favours loose media over which he has only limited control - Indian ink, compressed charcoal, boot polish and so on.  On top of these he overlays more precise media - pen & ink, fine charcoal, chalk, pastel - to wrestle back control. 

Richard's most recent work builds in collage, using fragments of previous drawings recycled into this new form.

Much of his life work is about movement. He layers up multiple drawings to form a cohesive story. The dialogue between the figures becomes the subject of the whole piece.

In other work, Richard deploys a 'pentimento' technique of ghost lines - vestiges of previous poses - which enhance the figure's stance and echo movement and poise.

Richard’s photography has an abstract quality.


His subjects are often ordinary objects rendered extraordinary by carefully observed shape, light, shadow or texture.  The key feature is not the subject matter itself, but the way it looks. 


Richard's photographs also encompass another of his passions;  travel.  Getting away from the familiar helps him see the remarkable, unusual and beautiful in ordinary things. Bemused bystanders often observe him snapping walls, dustbins, or other equally 'mundane' things.

Richard's travelogues are visual explorations of place.  Working in situ, Richard records the fabric and the feeling of countries, villages and cities he visits.  He uses concertina sketchbooks to create an unfolding narrative, recorded over several days and different scenes and destinations.

Richard uses mixed media to allow the textures, colours, forms and rhythms to harmonise.  The result is dynamic, evocative and vivid.

Richard’s work is for sale.  Click on each image for details, or get in touch here if you see something you like or would like to see more.  


Richard also accepts commissions, which make a particularly personal gift.  Details here.

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Please get in touch here

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