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What kind of commissions do you take?

I often take commissions from people who very much liked a particular work that's already sold.

Naturally, I can’t reproduce a piece exactly, as it’s impossible to recreate the model, pose, atmosphere etc. But I can aim for a similar style of work, with similar qualities to the original.  Just browse on my website and give me an idea of style, type of pose and size and I'll see what I can do.

People sometimes come to me wanting a study of themselves as a special gift.  I can do this too, we'll just need to figure out how you'll model.  

Can you work from photographs?

I used to say I strictly got my best results drawing from the live model. First hand observation lets me capture subtleties and leads to work with more immediacy, energy and character.


So now I work off either photographs or the live model.

Isn't modelling embarrassing

Not at all.  The atmosphere is professional and relaxed. I do my best work when you feel at ease.


Do bring along a friend / ally / favourite music or whatever might help.


Do I need to be an experienced model? 

Absolutely not. 


My subjects are mostly professional life models, but modelling isn’t so difficult for the first-timer. I’ll help you find poses that work for you and that you’ll be able to hold.


It is however, more physically difficult than you'd imagine. I speak from personal experience. Settle into any relaxed pose and within five minutes every part of you is aching to move!

But the result is generally worth it.



Where do you work? 

Generally, I work in life classes across London (and the world).


I have drawn in the inspirational Brett Whiteley Studio in Surry Hills, Sydney, the famous RA Life Room, the magnificent Leighton House, the intimate Barnes Atelier, as well as many less auspicious places.


I do my commission work in my studio in Barnes, London SW13. At a time to suit us both.


How long would I need to pose for? 

The good news is I work fairly quickly.   A longish pose for me is 20 to 40 minutes.  


I tend to work in sessions of 2 to 2 1/2 hours, with breaks. Depending on what kind of result you’re hoping for.  This should give a few different works to select from.

If we go down the route of working from photos, you'll obviously need to source these yourself.  Taking decent photos of nudes, let alone of yourself, is obviously a skill in itself.   That's a whole other subject.


How much do you charge?

There’s no initial charge and no commitment to buy.


The unpredictability of drawing from life means I can’t 100% guarantee I’ll produce something you'll love.  If I do, prices would be in line with existing works in my gallery. 


But if there's nothing you like, you’re under no obligation.  We can fix another session or leave it at that.

How else can I give one of your works as a gift?

A work of art makes a highly personal, original and significant gift.

I will, of course, refund or exchange a work if it's not entirely liked.


Better still, I can send you a voucher to present as a gift. The recipient can then select a work themselves, in person if you're near SW London. This works well with people who know what they do and don't like, whose preferences are tricky to predict or those who know what they like only when they see it.

Any more questions, just get in touch here.

Then Lockdown happened and I got used to working off the screen (Zoom or photos).  In some ways this turned out to be better.  Look at poses such as 'Athletic', 'Leap' or 'Balanced' that simply could not have been held for more than a fraction of a second.

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