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Angkor Watt, Siem Reap, Cambodia

These visual travelogues combine my love of travel, exploration, drawing and observation. 

Each conveys a sense of place via scenery, urbanscapes, impressions, details, textures, colours, motifs, pattern and other more abstract elements.  The very-mixed-media approach uses collage, watercolour, pen and ink, gouache, pastel, stencil, hand made papers and found elements. 

Each book concertinas to form a narrative of my experience of a place.  They are not necessarily chronological, but I encourage each study to borrow from the previous and link into the next, to create a feeling of flow, like the passage of time.

I create these works in the field, largely through a process of curious wandering (complete with portable, mini-studio).

Sections from various travelogues are shown below.

In situ, Angkor Wat

Symi, Greece

Next stop      Symi

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